Autism Belongs – Book Three of the School Daze Series

Manny is not like other children.

Autism Belongs
Autism Belongs

He doesn’t talk. He doesn’t leave the house. His parents desperately try to arrange their world so that Manny does not get upset. Because, when he does, well, the aggression was getting worse. Too many times Tomas had to leave work to rescue his wife from the havoc of their son’s meltdowns. At ten, Manny was becoming difficult to handle.
Passing by a bakery made all the difference. There, they met people who understand autism, along with the strengths and challenges. They learn ways to help Manny communicate and socialize and to have his needs met. Dare they consider letting him go to school? Dare they think that he might belong in school? You bet.
Meet Kyle, Ben, Mel and the other characters you read about in the Amazon bestseller Autism Goes to School and see how they’ve grown and progressed.

What are Reviewers Saying About Autism Belongs?

  • Please tell me there are going to more books like this one! I love love love when fiction meets nonfiction and I’m a sucker for a good family drama that touches on special needs.
  • Autism story is both riveting and informative.
  • Dr. Sharon Mitchell once again blends fact with fiction to give us truths about one of the biggest health problems facing young people today: autism and how to best address it. I can attest that Dr. Mitchell has taken her extensive experience in the field and blended it with an extremely readable story about a family attempting to cope with an autistic child.
  • I can say without reservation that Mitchell’s book will help you to understand (and, possibly, cope with) autism.
  • Don’t think it is going to be boring. It will hold your attention from the dramatic opening right through to the conclusion. Kudos to Dr. Mitchell, once again, for this innovative approach to sharing her knowledge of the subject matter.
  • The books in this series are so amazing. They are those books I wouldn’t hesitate to read again and again as there is so much to learn from them.
    Where Can You Find This Book?

Autism Belongs is available in paperback or Kindle exclusively through Amazon sellers:

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