Autism Goes to School Workbook


Readers who followed Ben and Kyle’s journey in Autism Goes to School have said that they would like a guide to help them follow the strategies that Ben and Kyle try. Of course, not every strategy works for everyone. Remember that once you’ve met a child with autism, you have met one child with autism. While we’re all unique, there is often a core cluster of characteristics that kids on the spectrum share.

The workbook looks at the things Ben did right and the mistakes he made, despite his good intentions. It looks at Kyle’s responses, and then guides you to consider how your child with autism might respond.

There is space to profile your son, daughter or student’s strengths and the areas that pose the most challenge right now.

The guide will help you look at the sensory issues that might contribute to the difficulties and ways to help. It discusses the communicative aspect of behavior and how you can help the child better express his wants and needs in appropriate ways. A self-regulated child is a calmer, happier child.

There are examples of visuals and schedules and space to create your own. And, there is an extensive list of references that will help you guide your child to be as independent as he can be.

The Autism Goes to School Workbook will be available on Amazon in 2017.

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