Autism Runs Away – Book Two of the School Daze Series

Can a 6 year old get kicked out of school? Apparently. Ethan’s mom is getting grey hairs. And no, she’s not old. 

You see, Ethan has autism and becomes easily overwhelmed by life. When that happens, he runs. And runs and runs.

Even with a one-to-one assistant constantly by his side, his mother got calls from his school saying that Ethan’s run away again and they can’t find him. She had to leave work so many times to look for her son that she lost her job.

As a toddler, mom and son played chase games and it was fun. Now, not so much.

Karen’s appalled that their new school has no plans to give Ethan one-on-one help. He’s just six, a little boy. What if he flees?

Visit again with Kyle and his friends at Madson School as they welcome Ethan.

Autism Runs Away is available here at Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

What do Reviewers Say About Autism Runs Away?

  • A delight and a treasure to read.
  • It is written in a non-clinical way, so readers are probably unaware of all they are learning. I am so thankful for this author taking the time to write such a true to life story about the struggles we sometimes face.
  • Once again, this author seems to be able to figure out the autism mind quite well. The way it is explained is done in a way that those who don’t have autism should have a better idea about what takes place with those of us who are on the autism spectrum. I am so glad and grateful to see these books!
  • Another enjoyable read.. lots of great techniques and resource links, and demonstrated in a way that makes sense. Cant wait to read the next in the series.
  • My son has Asperger’s and these books are amazingly accurate and great at putting things into perspective, something us parents lose track of when dealing with life day by day. The book has some great ideas and helps me to feel like I am not alone, thank you.
  • Dr. Mitchell continues to successfully weave fiction with real-life strategies that can help people with autism. Another great story depicting the successes and challenges people with autism face in the world!! Another great read!!
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