Autism Talks and Talks


Karen is a grade 6 student who has Asperger’s Syndrome. She is bright, vivacious and highly verbal. Too verbal. She finds certain topics fascinating, and is all too willing to share her knowledge with others. She goes on and on and on, not realizing that she is alienating the other kids with her endless monologues.
Karen would like to be social but she remains on the fringe, looking at other adolescents having fun together and wondering if she could ever be a part of the group. Her protective mom tries to shield her from the world, limiting her contact with peers in case she might be bullied. Their child’s unhappiness and the urges to protect drive a wedge between her parents.

Is this all there is for Karen? Come join us and see.

You’ll find Autism Talks and Talks on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

What are Reviews Saying about Autism Talks and Talks?
  • I have sooo enjoyed the “School Daze”series.these books are so wonderfully written, they could help many people understand the different nuances of ASD.
  • Utterly delightful and amazing read.
  • Loved it.. have learned so much from this series, and enjoyed the journey.
  • I learnt so much about Asperger’s Syndrome from this one book than I have ever learnt from perusing similar books in the library.
  • I am never ever giving these books to anyone or deleting them. They are this good.

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