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Often parents are hanging on by their nails, whether their child has a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, or when they’re wondering if there is something different about the way their child is developing. After a long day of work and child rearing and household chores, who has time to pour through internet sites or study a heavy textbook?

Teachers feel the same way. They’re with kids all day, then in evenings there is marking and lesson plans to prepare and maybe even hope for a personal life. Reading a weighty tome is the last thing on their minds.

But learning need not be tedious. What if you could read a novel, get lost in the story and learn strategies at the same time? Strategies that can be used at home and at school. What if you read about real families living with the challenges of autism and working together with their schools?

At The Autism Site you can learn about three such books, each depicting a different child with autism, different challenges and different strengths. The first book became an award-winning Amazon bestseller.


At The Autism Site, we understand. We get it when you’re unsure, frustrated and frightened. Been there, done that. Check out the About Us page to learn more. Then, browse through our pages of questions and strategies. Drop us a note and Dr. Mitchell will get back to you.

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