Sensory Sensitivities – Solutions for kids who love to chew

Does your child chew on his hand? Is the front of his shirt constantly wet from being in his mouth? Does he seem to want to gnaw on everything he can get his hands on?

While we’re fine with babies chewing somehow we think that as a child get older, this need to chew goes away. For many it does. But for some kids on the autism spectrum, the urge to chew remains. You don’t want your child eating all the paint off of his pencil or chewing on other inappropriate things. But when the need is this strong, he’s going to chew. So why not provide him with something safe that he can chew? It’s hard to know what you’re looking for if you have never seen such things, so I’ll show you some  pictures of possible chew materials. These examples are by no means extensive but they will give you an idea of what sort of options are available.

Below is a collection of items you can find on Amazon. Although Amazon is just one possible retailer for such things, it’s a handy site to browse items. Click on any image and you’ll be taken details about the product. Please keep in mind the age of your child and choose an item that is age appropriate. (A plain black pencil topper is cooler for a teen rather than sporting a Winnie the Pooh on his pen).

I’ll group these sample items into categories: hand held, necklace and ones to wear on the wrist. Before purchasing, please read each product description carefully. Some items are meant for children who are “soft” chewers and some with a more robust bite.

Hand held:

For the child who eats his pencil, try a pencil topper:

For more pencil toppers, try here: Chewable pencil toppers

Then, there are chewies that are worn on the wrist:



Then there are necklaces that are meant to be chewed:

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