Sensory – Using Pressure for Calming

Many kids on the autism spectrum (and other kids as well) are plagued by sensory sensitivities. Weight and pressure and two strategies that can help calm these sensitivities. Let’s look at some products that provide pressure and might help. I’ll add some pictures to give you an idea of what these items look like. Click or tap on the picture to be taken to more information.

Many people on the autism spectrum have sleep problems – trouble falling asleep and/or remaining asleep. For some, pressure is calming and can help improve the quality of sleep. Here’s an example of one product; this particular product will be custom-made to your specifications.  

This inflatable pea pod really appeals to some kids as a calming option:

Just like in the Sensory – Weighted Products for Calming page of this site, many (but certainly not all) pressure items come as vests.  Some have Velcro tabs that allow the vest to be snugged up. Others use air pressure than can be adjusted to the desired level of pressure.

An inflatable chair or bean bag chair are other possibilities.

In this first picture, the boy is controlling the amount of air pressure in his vest.An app controls the amount of pressure in this next vest

These next vests rely on hook and loop closures to adjust the degree of pressure.

This next one can be worn under other clothing. Wearing an undergarment like this can help some kids tolerate a sweatshirt that would ordinarily irritate him.

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