What People Say

What people say about Sharon’s writing and presentations:

  • I have chills. You have answered my questions in ways that many doctors, professionals and teachers could not.
  • Sharon’s advice is on the mark! I have researched and read everything I could get my hands on…and she gave me more useful information than any I’ve come across so far. She has given me new hope and best of all an action plan to work with for my son. Thank you for being there to help!
  • Thank you so much Sharon for your prompt answer to my question! Wow, you gave me so much great information that I have never heard about from anyone before.
  • Thank you so much! This was the best advice I have received from anyone. I feel that I now know what direction to go in.
  • Fantastic, thorough, well thought response. Much appreciated.
  • Extremely helpful and very informative. Detailed information and support given. Excellent… highly recommended.
  • Mitchell… provided me with so much relief! Thank you for giving me some peace of mind and for responding so quickly!
  • I was literally crying from the stress before this… Thanks.
  • Your response was also very sensitive and acknowledged my feelings about the situation… Thank you!

What Her Students Say:

  • Dr. Mitchell is beyond knowledgeable about her subject!! What a privilege to study under her. I was thankful for the opportunity.
  • Wisdom and experience that she shared along with her knowledge on the subject. Dr. Mitchell was very engaging in her lectures and strongly welcomed feedback and conversation via internet chatting.
  • Dr. Mitchell was extremely knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the partial in class and partial web based format of this class.
  • I enjoyed the online conversations that we would discuss on with various subject topics. I appreciated the immediate feedback I would get from my professor when I was done my assignments as well as her feedback was always challenging me to think more about the topic and made me curious to learn more.
  • I felt like Mitchell was extremely knowledgeable! She was so quick to respond to comments, and made a point of connecting with us as students even though a lot of the course was done online.
  • No matter what question was asked our instructor was able to answer our questions. She was a very knowledgeable instructor.
  • Sharon knew her material. She was interested in learning our names and encouraged class discussion. She was very personable and likable and I thoroughly enjoyed her class. The information that Sharon taught was relevant and pertinent to our field of study. If Sharon was teaching another class, I would definitely be interested in taking it. She is an amazing instructor, she had life experience with the subject matter, and was easy to listen and talk to.
  • What I enjoyed about this class was that she had detailed rubrics and instructions of the marks in this class. I also liked how she supplied us with useful resources and followed the information in the textbook with the help of her knowledge that she had previously and in her book she wrote.
  • Wow! What an amazing instructor! She is extremely knowledgeable, not just on the theory but on the practical, real life aspects. I learned so much from her and am inspired to be a better teacher because of her. I am grateful to be in her class.
  • Her feedback was positive and encouraging. She kept us engaged, and valued our contributions and our points of view.
  • The communication was very open. She was quick to give feedback and answer questions. We were active in our learning, which can be difficult in a mainly online course.
  • I looked forward to our class days together and to hearing her feedback on my assignments. I enjoyed the activities and also to reading and responding to the work done by classmates.
  • I only have positive things to say about this course and the instructor. I am honest in saying that it was a favourite of mine.
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